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July 30
Solo Fleet Trickling In
AC 33: A Fine Mess Indeed
Pac Cup Puts The 'Voyaging' Back In Racing
The Beauty of U.S. Mail
July 30 2008 Lectronic
July 28
Rain Drop Takes Pac Cup
Mock Battle Stuns Spectators
Singlehanded TransPac Update
Weekend Racing Wrap Up
Southern California Ha-Ha Preview & Reunion Party
July 28 2008 Lectronic
July 25
Solo TransPac - Postcards from the Edge
Accused Murderer Back in the News
Ad: Emergency Preparedness Seminar
Through the Nose
Pac Cup Fleet Closes on Hawaii
July 25 2008 Lectronic
July 23
Tall Ship Fest Begins Today
Common Sense in Washington?
Solo Transpac -The Rich Get Richer
Lake County Residents Think Perdock is Guilty
Raindrop Takes Pac Cup Lead
July 23 2008 Lectronic
July 21
Fuel 'Shortages' at Turtle Bay?
North Pacific High Shuffles Pacific Cup Deck
Rich Man, Poor Man
Cruisers Slammed by Unexpected Conditions
July 21 2008 Lectronic
July 18
Eight Bells - Mark Rudiger
Dive! Pac Cup-ers Take Southerly Route
Ad: Come Celebrate at West Marine
Solo TransPac Update
What About Top Monohull Speeds?
July 18 2008 Lectronic
July 16
Pacific Cup Racers Into More Breeze
Mark Rudiger - Friend in Need
Ad: Come Celebrate at West Marine
Coville Claims West-East Transatlantic Record
Wind Fills for Solo Racers
Classic Fun at Wooden Boat Show
July 16 2008 Lectronic
July 14
Hawaii Bound
Pacific Cup Starts Today
Ad: KKMI Boat Maintenance Special
Coville Within 200 Miles of Record
Weekend Racing Wrap Up
July 14 2008 Lectronic
July 11
Gulliver the Parrot Arrives in L.A.
The Seven Day Racing Outlook
Salute and Her Big Stick
Looking for Schooner Crew
July 11 2008 Lectronic
July 9
Ragtime Takes Top Honors in Tahiti
Silver Eagle Takes Flight
Rest of Vic-Maui Fleet Closing on Hawaii
And Then There Were 92
July  9 2008 Lectronic
July 7
Mag 80, Medicine Man Beat Tahiti Record
The DMV as a Rogue Agency?
Commencing Countdown
Where is Beverage Reef Anyway?
Fourth on the Bay
July  7 2008 Lectronic
July 2
Puddle Jumpers Gather at Tahiti-Moorea
Don't Blame the EPA
Final Day Jumbles Finish at Youth Champs
Superyacht Rescues California Sailors
Happy (and Safe) 4th!
July  2 2008 Lectronic

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