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January 31
February Latitudes Out Today
Latitude 38 to Host Big Rock Festival in Napa
Ad: Dirty Hull?
Weekend Racing Preview
Heading in the Right Direction
January 31 2014 Lectronic
January 30
January 30 2014 Lectronic
January 29
Vallejo Race Rescheduled
Coutts Venue Shopping
Ad: North U. Boatspeed!
Hangin' with Jimmy & Shannon in the BVI
The Buchanan/Rafa Total Yacht Works Mess
January 29 2014 Lectronic
January 28
'Mexico's New York Times' Blasts Mexico's IRS
January 28 2014 Lectronic
January 27
Three Bridge Was a Fiasco!
Mexico Puts Lipstick on a Pig
Ad: Volpar Parts & Service
Top Canadian Mechanic Said to Have Fled Mexico
January 27 2014 Lectronic
January 24
Why They Love the Three Bridge
Rampant Outboard Motor Thefts
Ad: North U. Boatspeed!
To Stay or Go To Mexico
January 24 2014 Lectronic
January 22
Salty Tales & Historical Insights
Boat Show Seminars Educate & Entertain
Latitude 38 Online or Offline
The Latest Update on Impounded Boats
January 22 2014 Lectronic
January 20
Dinner with Jimmy at the Bitter End
Cruisers Attacked in St. Lucia
Ad: San Francisco Boat Show
Making a Hard Bimini Out of an Impoundment
AGACE Puts yet Another Bullet in Mexico's Foot
January 20 2014 Lectronic
January 17
Winged Stowaway Photo Quiz
Bismark Dinius' Federal Lawsuit Settled
Ad: San Francisco Boat Show
More Brazen Smuggling Activity
The Dreadful Impoundment Fiasco In Mexico Endures
January 17 2014 Lectronic
January 15
Uncertain Future for the New Ditch
New SF Boat Show Next Week
Ad: Job Opportunity at KKMI
Angel Island Ferry Service
Hundreds of Foreign Boats Remain Impounded In Mexico
Sale Boat of the Day: Nor'Sea and Montgomery
January 15 2014 Lectronic
January 13
Share Your Alaska Eagle Memories
Caption Contest Winners
Ad: Pacific Cup Offshore Academy
Bolt Cutters or Dremel Tool
Pac Cup Update
January 13 2014 Lectronic
January 10
Midwinter Wrap-up
Nelson's Auction Moved to Feb 8
Rolex Sydney-Hobart
Foreign Boat Impoundment Story Goes Mainstream
January 10 2014 Lectronic
January 8
The Poop From Impounded Boats In Mexico Hits the Fan
Sample Letters to Officials & the Media
January  8 2014 Lectronic
January 6
The Bay's Biggest & Wackiest Race
Racing Seminars
What the. . . ?
January  6 2014 Lectronic
January 3
Earth Wind Map Is Beyond Cool
Why Mexico Is Still A Third World Country
Ad: A Dock and a Home
Weekend Racing Preview
January  3 2014 Lectronic

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