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January 30
Hundreds Attempt the Three Bridge Challenge
Kickin' the Winter Blues
Ad: KKMI Diesel Engine Maintenance Seminar
Sailing the Bay Talks
Somali Pirates and a Lightning Romance
January 30 2012 Lectronic
January 27
Mixing Sailing Fun & Fundraising at Z-Fest
Where Do the Years Go?
Latitude 38 on Facebook
Clarifying Italian Yacht Taxes
Wit and Wisdom
January 27 2012 Lectronic
January 25
SoPac Seminars Educate Puddle Jumpers
Supes Certify AC34 EIR
Latitude 38 eBooks
Come to Think of It, Let's Skip Italy
January 25 2012 Lectronic
January 23
Dekker Completes Circumnavigation
AC34 Meeting Tomorrow
Ad: El Salvador Rally
Racing Round-Up
The Queen's New Tall Ship
January 23 2012 Lectronic
January 20
The Other Cabo
Fast Forward to Richardson Bay
Ad: Sunroad Resort Marina
Weekend Racing Preview
A Fantastic Sailing Sight in Acapulco
January 20 2012 Lectronic
January 18
New Hope for Lord Jim
On Engine Air Filters
Latitude 38 Crew Party
Who's in Charge of a Vessel?
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
January 18 2012 Lectronic
January 16
Mexico Now Requiring Visas
'Lectronic is on Fire
Ad: Help Bring 'Sailing the Bay' to TV
Kame Richards Talk on Wednesday
Midwinter Racing Wrap-Up
January 16 2012 Lectronic
January 13
Rolex Yachtsman and Woman of the Year
Save Cal Boating
Ad: KKMI's New Year Special
The President Turns 90
Weekend Racing Preview
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
January 13 2012 Lectronic
January 11
World ARC Begins
Making Headlines for Making a Difference
Ad: Quickline Ultra Anchor
Laura Dekker Set to Finish
January 11 2012 Lectronic
January 9
Magnum Completes Her Loop
Miracle Bottom Paint Revealed
Ad: El Salvador Rally
Mexico News
January  9 2012 Lectronic
January 6
Bank Populaire Set to Smash Jules Verne
So Long, Compadre
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Corogin Rescued by Cargo Ship
January  6 2012 Lectronic
January 4
Don't Build It Up, Tear It Down
Kame Richards Talk on Friday
Ad: The Adventure of a Lifetime
Mexico Cruising Shorts
NEWS FLASH! 84-Year-Old's Horn Attempt Aborted
St. Barth Bucket Aboard 'ti Profligate
January  4 2012 Lectronic

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