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February 29
Photo of the Day: Spring Tides Happen
Gitana 13 Comes Full Circle
March Latitude Hits the Streets
Cocos Island Rumors Untrue
February 29 2008 Lectronic
February 28
Gitana 13 Breaks New York to San Francisco Record
February 28 2008 Lectronic
February 27
Mag 80 Takes PV Record
Gitana 13 on Track to Arrive Thursday
Wanted: West Marine SVP of Marketing
The Geja 'Torch' is Passed Along
Kame Richards to Speak at Bay Model
February 27 2008 Lectronic
February 25
Over the Top . . . and Down Into the Water
Gitana 13 to Arrive on Thursday
Central Pacific Winlink Station Needs Help
PV Fleet Making Tracks
Youth Sailing: Speak Now, Or. . .
February 25 2008 Lectronic
February 22
Maltese Falcon on Fishery Patrol
Soanya Ahmad Jumps Ship
Batten Down the Hatches
Cheyenne at Nelson's
February 22 2008 Lectronic
February 20
Gitana 13 Just a TransPac Away
Richmond II Overdue in Cabo
Wanted: West Marine SVP of Marketing
IYC's Sadie Hawkins Race is a Go
"Hey Mon, You on Fire!!!"
February 20 2008 Lectronic
February 18
Groupama 3 Capsizes
Tin Can Heads Back to the Bay
Be a Hero to Cruising Friends
Festival Nautico - Vallarta Race Week
February 18 2008 Lectronic
February 15
Tin Can Gets Underway
Whale of a Bad Idea Found Out
Big Cat Claws North
Dennis Conner's Coach to Speak
Testing the Waters
February 15 2008 Lectronic
February 13
Cruising Cats and Dogs
Tin Can Goes Sailing
FREE Latitude 38 Transom Stickers
New Rule for the Racing Rule Book?
Not Your Father's VHF Radio
February 13 2008 Lectronic
February 11
The Lost Weekend
Barcelona World Race Winner Finishes
Next Stop, Nuku Hiva
Fish Taco Photo Contest
February 11 2008 Lectronic
February 8
Boat Explodes Next to Wanderlust 3
Gitana 13 - Rounds the Horn. . . Finally
Bienvenida a J World México
Circumnavigating in a Tin Can
BMW Oracle's New Training Platform
February  8 2008 Lectronic
February 6
Carnival, French Creole Style
Singlehander Finds Calmer Seas
Sea of Cortez Sailing Week
Groupama 3 Losing Breeze, Maybe Lead
Easy-Going Retirement Is in the Past
February  6 2008 Lectronic
February 4
Sewage Spill in Richardson Bay
Cruiser Found Dead in Mexico
Wanderlust 3 Finishes in Under 11 Months
Gitana 13 - Pit Stop at the Horn
Z-Fest Generates Funds and Fun
February  4 2008 Lectronic
February 1
It's All About the Kids
Singlehander Dealing with Bad Weather
Ad: The Best Job with a Great Company
Bound for Glory - Groupama and Gitana
Life Aboard in the French West Indies
February  1 2008 Lectronic

January 2008
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