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December 29
January Issue and YRA Calendar Out
Breezing into January
Ad: Northrop & Johnson 'Lydia' for sale
Sydney Hobart 2017
Already There
Latitude 38 Movie Night
December 29 2017 Lectronic
December 27
Year in Review
Year in Review, Part 2
Ask Your Doctor
December 27 2017 Lectronic
December 22
Lighted Boat Parade Contest Winners
Randall Reeves Makes a Pit Stop
Ad: Happy New Gear from KKMI
Rolex Sydney Hobart Preview
Midwinter Rewards
December 22 2017 Lectronic
December 20
Reader Submission: The Deep South
Spirited Banderas Bay Blast
Ad: Farallon Electronics Upgrade
Straws Suck
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December 20 2017 Lectronic
December 18
Gabart Crushes Record
How Was Your Windy Weekend?
Ad: Modern Sailing School & Club
Beer Can Racing Year-Round
YRA Calendar Coming Dec. 29
December 18 2017 Lectronic
December 15
Capsize at Cape Horn
Get Ready for a Windy Weekend
Ad: Schaefer Marine
A Latitude Far, Far Away
Reader Submission: Where's Whaledo?
Classy Classified Deadline Today
December 15 2017 Lectronic
December 13
Captain Teem in Cabo
Volvo Ocean Race in the Roaring 40s
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Temporary Fix
Need Cash Fast?
December 13 2017 Lectronic
December 11
Reader Submissions: The 'Freda B'
Ian Farrier Dies Suddenly
Ad: Modern Sailing School & Club
Sailing Cambodia
Boater ID Card and Quiz
December 11 2017 Lectronic
December 8
Caption Contest!
Randall Reeves Hits Latitude 38, South
Latitude Logowear for the Holidays
Star-Studded Star Finals
Richmond Waterfront Development
40 Years of Mischief, Part 3
December  8 2017 Lectronic
December 6
From the December Issue
Cape Horn in Less than 30 Days
Ad: Svendsen's - Puff the Magic Siphon
Looking for How-To Stories
Panama Posse Rally Kicks Off
December  6 2017 Lectronic
December 4
Reader Submissions: Ice Ice, Baby
76 miles of Scenic Coastal Racing
Ad: Happy Holidays from KKMI
Westpoint Harbor Woes
Latitude Logowear for the Holidays
December  4 2017 Lectronic
December 1
Sausalito YC Celebrates 75 Years
Boat Goes Aground in Baja
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
December Issue Makes the Rounds
Merlin's Move to the Sunshine State
Lighted Boat Parade Photo Contest
December  1 2017 Lectronic

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