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December 30
January Issue and YRA Calendar Out
New Year's Sailing Resolutions
Happy New Year!
The Power of Persistence
December 30 2016 Lectronic
December 28
Five Californians Shortlisted
Coville Shatters Solo Circ Record
What's Your Water Exit Plan?
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
December 28 2016 Lectronic
December 21
Most Wonderful Time of the Year
The Return of the Dynarig
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Happy Holidays from Latitude's Crew
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
December 21 2016 Lectronic
December 19
Big Hearts with the Holiday Spirit
Dramatic Damage for Solo Racers
2017 YRA Calendar Arriving Soon
The Wanderer's Health Care Review
December 19 2016 Lectronic
December 16
Joyon & Crew Restart Record Attempt
Another Shout-Out for Boating App Tips
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Caribbean Cold Case Cracked
December 16 2016 Lectronic
December 14
It Was a Beauty of a Blast
Tell Us Why You Love NW Sailing
Classifieds Deadline Tomorrow
Solution to Uncanceled TIP Dilemma
December 14 2016 Lectronic
December 12
Encore Repeats ORR Championship
Skin So Soft Bugs the Bugs
Ad: Great Deals in December at KKMI
Imprisoned Cruiser in Legal Limbo
December 12 2016 Lectronic
December 9
Crew You Regatta
The Case of the Missing AIS Returns
Ad: Sail on Merlin
What Are Your Favorite Boating Apps?
December  9 2016 Lectronic
December 7
Rescue in Remote Seas
Give Us Your Rainy-Day Project Ideas
Ad: Congrats from Farallon Electronics
Yes or No on Watermakers?
December  7 2016 Lectronic
December 5
Bay Ship Buys Svendsen's
Emergency Cruiser Blood Drive
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Thrills and Spills in the Antipodes
December  5 2016 Lectronic
December 2
December Latitudes on the Street Today
Lighted Boat Parades Part 2
Ad: Modern Sailing School & Club
Atlantic Chock-a-Block with Yachts
December  2 2016 Lectronic

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