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December 29
World Race Begins New Year's Eve
Apster Adrift After Skipper Rescued
Ad: Special Package at KKMI
New Latitude on the Street Tomorrow
December 29 2014 Lectronic
December 22
Huge Fleet for Rolex Sydney Hobart
Ad: El Salvador Rally
Some Old Yachts Are Lucky, Some Aren't
Taking a Holiday Break
December 22 2014 Lectronic
December 19
Double Dose of Bad Luck
Racing Round-Up
Ad: Intelligent Maintenance
Gonzalo's Nautical Scars Remain
December 19 2014 Lectronic
December 17
The Splash/Blast/PFPSRFC
What Are Your Sailing Resolutions?
Ad: Modern Sailing
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
December 17 2014 Lectronic
December 15
Sea Scouts Learn Safety at Sea
Buying Yachts with Bitcoins?
Ad: Bonneville Sailing
Who Are You?
December 15 2014 Lectronic
December 12
Got Plans for Christmas?
Breaking the Pink/Blue Color Divide
Ad: El Salvador Rally
Weekend Racing Preview
December 12 2014 Lectronic
December 10
Sailor Found After Search Abandoned
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Latitude Logowear for the Holidays
Where Is This?
December 10 2014 Lectronic
December 8
2015 Pacific Puddle Jump Revs Up
New Info on Loss of Seven Sisters
Ad: KKMI Bottom Painting Packages
Not One, but Two Boards
December  8 2014 Lectronic
December 5
VOR Grounding Video Released
For the Love of Sail
Ad: O'Connell Electric
Weekend Racing Preview
December  5 2014 Lectronic
December 3
Get Ready to Splash and Blast Off!
It's Official: Bermuda to Host AC 35
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Holiday Celebrations on the Waterfront
Container vs. Lakota
December  3 2014 Lectronic
December 1
'Kite Man of Berkeley' Believed Lost at Sea
December Issue Out Today
Latitude Logowear for the Holidays
And Then There Were Six
December  1 2014 Lectronic

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