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December 30
Goodbye '11, Hello '12
December 30 2011 Lectronic
December 28
Bottom Paint Study Results
Seeing Things at Sea
Latitude 38 Online or Offline
Holiday Racing Wrap-up
December 28 2011 Lectronic
December 21
Groupama Sends It, Banque Pop Slips
Diana Jessie Passes Away
Advertise in 'Lectronic Latitude
Still Smiling in Mazatlan
Happy Holidays!
December 21 2011 Lectronic
December 19
Sanya Dumped From VOR
Photo Contest Winner
Ad: Happy Holidays from KKMI
The $25,000 Cruising Solution
December 19 2011 Lectronic
December 16
We Can See Both Sides
Commission Okays AC EIR
Be a Santa to Cruising Friends
Last Chance for the Photo Contest
Help for Struggling Shoppers
December 16 2011 Lectronic
December 14
Winter Sailstice Sailing
Volvo Fleet Marches On
Ad: El Salvador Rally
AC & Rigging Meetings Reminder
Who's Sailed the Pacific Northwest?
December 14 2011 Lectronic
December 12
AC Meetings This Week
Calamari Anyone?
Ad: The Perfect Holiday Gift
Free Rigging Seminar
December 12 2011 Lectronic
December 9
Sailing and Skywatching
Banque Populaire Smashing Record Pace
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Jeanne Socrates Meets the Queen
Latitude Gear for the Holidays
December  9 2011 Lectronic
December 7
Pacific Puddle Jump Registration Now Open
Hot Spot for Dictator's Kids?
Ad: The Adventure of a Lifetime
Dust Storm Across Baja
Getting Crabby in the Cooks
December  7 2011 Lectronic
December 5
Lighted Boat Photo Contest
Homeward Bound
Ad: KKMI Says Keep Your Outdrive Happy
Blast Wrap-Up
December  5 2011 Lectronic
December 2
Banderas Bay Blast
Banque Populaire V 1000 Miles Ahead
Ad: Help Bring 'Sailing the Bay' to TV
Lighted Boat Parade Schedule
The Sailing Solution for Shoppers
December  2 2011 Lectronic

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