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December 30
January Latitude Ready for 2010
Farewell 2009 - Our Photo Favorites
December 30 2009 Lectronic
December 23
The Mother of Invention
Clipper Cove Anchoring Permits
Z-fest Funds Help Nurture Young Minds
Happy Holidays from Latitude 38
December 23 2009 Lectronic
December 21
Winter Solstice Sailing
Coast Guard Involved in Fatal Collision
Missing Dutch Teen Found
Lord Jim Still Stuck on the Hard
Sale Boat of the Day: KKMI Lien Sale
December 21 2009 Lectronic
December 18
Get Out the Boat
The Navy Finally Sells T.I.
Play Santa to Your Cruising Friends
The Show is On
The Timeless Pleasures of Cruising
December 18 2009 Lectronic
December 16
Moonduster Lost in Fiji Cyclone
Roy Disney Succumbs to Cancer
Classies Get It Done
Friend of Tonga Cruisers Needs Help
Race Notes
December 16 2009 Lectronic
December 14
Jibe Ho-Ho-Ho!
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Ad: KKMI's Bluewater Paint Sale
Mystery Med Kit Found
Cruisers to Help Enforce Fishing Regs
December 14 2009 Lectronic
December 11
More Holiday Lights
Giant 'Berg Heading for Western Australia
Ad: Matthew Gardner Yacht Portraits
Vessella Takes Piana Cup
Salty Solution to the Shopping Blues
December 11 2009 Lectronic
December 9
Wally to Build M&M Design
Should Marine Forecasts Improve?
Ad: Henri Lloyd's BlueEco
Meet Solo TransPac'ers at EYC
Give Us Your Input on NW Chartering
December  9 2009 Lectronic
December 7
Having Fun Doing Good
Nereida Pulling Into Cape Town
Ad: Northstar Risk Management
Big Brother at Minerva Reef
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
December  7 2009 Lectronic
December 4
Let There Be a Blast
The Opinions of Sailors
Ad: Peter Lyons Photography
Natasza Caban Finishes Circumnavigation
Amping Up for Lighted Boat Parades
Sale Boat of the Day: KKMI Brokerage
December  4 2009 Lectronic
December 2
The Wreck of JoJo
Iran Releases British Sailors
Second ARC Boat Abandoned
Getting Tan While Doing Good
December  2 2009 Lectronic

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