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December 28
Rosebud Leads in Rolex Sydney Hobart
Joyon and IDEC Approach Cape Horn
New Latitude and YRA Calendar Out Today
Have You Ever Wondered How . . .
December 28 2007 Lectronic
December 21
"I'm Going Down!"
Sodebo and IDEC Streak Around the World
Olympian Austin Sperry to Speak at StFYC
Taco Stands
Ho Ho Ho & Happy Holidays
December 21 2007 Lectronic
December 19
The $10,000 Islander 36 in the Med
Blockcade of the Harbor at St. Barth?
Puddle Jumpers Share Strategies
Joyon Roars into the South Pacific
December 19 2007 Lectronic
December 17
Joyon Continues Phenomenal Record Pace
Coville to Start on Christmas Eve
Ice Station Tara - Sailing the Snowy Sea
Got Ha-Ha Pix to Share?
December 17 2007 Lectronic
December 14
Risking Your Life for Freedom
Joyon Gets Ready to Rip Again
Holiday Shopping with Lat 38 Logowear
Exciting America's Cup Inaction
Tragedy on the ARC
Did You Get Bashed?
December 14 2007 Lectronic
December 12
Joyon Smashes 24-Hour Solo Record
Ecuador Makes it Hard for Cruisers
Club Nautique to Offer USCG Courses
Beach Cat Crosses Atlantic in 12 Days
December 12 2007 Lectronic
December 10
Banderas Bay Blast Couldn't Have Been Better
Joyon Ripping Up MacArthur's Record
Holiday Shopping with Lat 38 Logowear
December 10 2007 Lectronic
December 7
Helping the U.S. Real Estate Market from Mexico
Perdock's Story Keeps Changing
Holiday Shopping with Lat 38 Logowear
"I'm So Thankful They're Safe!"
Maxi Racing Across The Atlantic
December  7 2007 Lectronic
December 5
Photos of the Day: Sea Level Launched
Darla Jean Wrecks on Fanning Island
Joyon 20% Ahead of MacArthur's Pace
Midwinter Racing Returns
Harker on Last Leg of Solo Circumnavigation
December  5 2007 Lectronic
December 3
Photo of the Day: Pucker Factor
A-Cup Update: The Plot Thickens
Holiday Shopping with Lat 38 Logowear
Multihulls Racing Around the World
Banderas Bay Blast
December  3 2007 Lectronic

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