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August 31
Corinthian Spirit on Friday Nights
DeWitt at Sausalito Art Festival
Racing Preview
Life-Changing Connections at the Crew Party
Bikes, Moons and Boats
Latitude 38 is Out
Ad: Sale Boat of Day
August 31 2012 Lectronic
August 29
AC72 Launching This Week
"The Best Thing I Ever Did"
Ad: Bottom Painting Packages at KKMI
Latitude Engineering
Racing Round-Up
August 29 2012 Lectronic
August 27
Oracle Team USA Shines at ACWS Final
Musing About AC Finals Speed
Ad: Waterfront Apartments for Sale
Tropical Storm Isaac, Soon to Be a Hurricane?
In Search of a Proper Title
August 27 2012 Lectronic
August 24
Speed Thrills On Foils
America's Cup World Series Viewer's Guide
Ad: Waterfront Apartments for Sale
Liz Clark at SF Patagonia Store Tonight
Racing Preview
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
August 24 2012 Lectronic
August 22
We'll See You at the AC World Series
Halcyon Damaged on Reef
Ad: West End Cruising Club
l'Hydroptere Makes the Bay
Racing Wrap-Up
August 22 2012 Lectronic
August 20
Thinking Outside the Box
A-Cup World Series Kicks into High Gear
Latitude 38 Online or Offline
Strange Goings-On in Vanuatu
August 20 2012 Lectronic
August 17
AC World Series Viewing Updates
Cowabunga Sinks in Kauai Channel
Harken - JA
Racing Preview
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
August 17 2012 Lectronic
August 15
Liz Clark to Speak in San Francisco
Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Sailboat Maintenance
Reggae on the Ocean? Jah Mon! Soon Come.
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
August 15 2012 Lectronic
August 13
Haven't Been Aground, Haven't Been Around
New Hurricane App
Ad: Join the KKMI Team
Thriller & Clueless
August 13 2012 Lectronic
August 10
What The . . . ?
Racing Preview
SoCal Ta-Ta Entries Still Open
Mystery Tri Beached at Pt. Cono
August 10 2012 Lectronic
August 8
LSC Final Report: "A Failure of Seamanship"
Olympic Sailing News
Don't Miss the Baja Ha-Ha!
Socrates Solo Circumnavigates Again
August  8 2012 Lectronic
August 6
Delta Doo Dah Dazzles
Moonshine Wins Lat 38 Performance Trophy
Ad: West End Cruising Club
A Seven-Year Lap
August  6 2012 Lectronic
August 3
Swazik to Receive Pac Cup Trophy Tonight
Piracy or Thuggery?
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Most Creative Boat Ad Award
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
August  3 2012 Lectronic
August 1
The Buddha of Sailing Does it Again!
Turpin's Tips on Worldwide Chartering - Tonight
Doo Dah'ers Treated Like Kings
Lawyers 2, Litigants 0
Ready to Read?
August  1 2012 Lectronic

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