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April 29
Racing Round-Up
Ha-Ha and Ta-Ta Signups Begin Friday
Ad: TriakSports
Mystery Anchorage
April 29 2015 Lectronic
April 27
Nirvana Now Crew Tells Their Story
Newport to Ensenada Race
Ad: FlopStopper
Near-Hurricane Winds Ravage Yacht Race
April 27 2015 Lectronic
April 24
SF Schooner Talofa T-Boned in Carib
They've Been Around
Ad: Modern Sailing School
Racing Preview
April 24 2015 Lectronic
April 22
Photo of the Day
Uke-an Play Too
Loreto Fest Reinvented
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
April 22 2015 Lectronic
April 20
11 Things We Learned at the Voiles
Mystery Body IDed as Sailboater
Ad: Get Towing with Vessel Assist
Volvo Race Bids Adeus to Brazil
Record Run to Bermuda
April 20 2015 Lectronic
April 17
Maserati Heads for Bay, Shanghai
Big Numbers
Ad: Club Nautique Open Houses & Job Opportunities
Weekend Racing Preview
April 17 2015 Lectronic
April 15
Perfect Sailing for Voiles
Father & Son Rescued off Ft. Bragg
Ad: PanelVisor Panel Protection
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
April 15 2015 Lectronic
April 13
In Admiration of Old and Simple Ways
Tenacatita Reopens to Locals & Cruisers
Ad: KKMI Bottom Painting Packages
Good News from Mexico
April 13 2015 Lectronic
April 10
Nirvana Scuttled, Crew Rescued
Caribbean Center of Sailing World this Week
Ad: Andersen Winches
Racing Preview
Putting Bad News from Mexico in Perspective
Ad: Discovery Yachts
April 10 2015 Lectronic
April 8
Puddle Jumpers Disabled In Mid-Ocean
Do You Believe Louis Jordan?
Ad: Andersen Winches
Racing Wrap-Up
Official Problems at One Place in Mexico
April  8 2015 Lectronic
April 6
Thrilling Leg 5 Finish
To Do: Buy Tickets & Reserve Slip
Ad: Oakland Yacht Club
Does This Transom Make My Ass Look Fat?
April  6 2015 Lectronic
April 3
Photo of the Day
Boom Boom in the Boat Yard
Ad: Porthole Rain Shields
Race Notes
Weekend Racing Preview
April  3 2015 Lectronic
April 1
April Fools?
Show Boat Abandoned off Monterey
Ad: Andersen Winches
April Issue Hits the Docks
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
The Exploits of Jim DeWitt
April  1 2015 Lectronic

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