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April 30
Grab a Latitude & Head for the Hammock
The End Is Near!
Get Your Latitude Gear Here
Atlantic Racing Update
April 30 2014 Lectronic
April 28
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Golden Gate Bullship Race
Ad: Delta Ditch Run
Loving the Boat Yard & Freedom from Excessive Regulations
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
April 28 2014 Lectronic
April 25
The 27th Antigua Classic Regatta
Weekend Racing Preview
What's Slower Than Snail Mail?
Free Dashew Weather Books
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
April 25 2014 Lectronic
April 23
Matt Rutherford's New Challenge
Francis Joyon's Latest Solo Benchmark
Midweek Racing Update
Boarded, Attacked and Beaten
April 23 2014 Lectronic
April 21
La Racing Vie En Rose
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Better Coverage with BoatU.S.
Mid-Pacific Puddle Jump Report
April 21 2014 Lectronic
April 18
Deadly Accident During Sequoia YC Race
Weekend Racing Preview
Ad: Open House at Club Nautique
How Much Do Pro Racers Get Paid?
April 18 2014 Lectronic
April 16
A Visit to the Bird's Nest
Great Vallejo Race Season Opener
Ad: Micron Technology
Encouraging Paperwork Developments
Wear the Kill Switch or Risk Being Killed
April 16 2014 Lectronic
April 14
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
The One-Design Transatlantic
Ad: Bottom Painting Packages at KKMI
New Constraints on Euro Cruising
April 14 2014 Lectronic
April 11
Rescued Sailors Return to Homeport
Escape from Mexico by Sailboat
Ad: Job Opportunity at Wind Toys
Weekend Racing Preview
Ex-Lakota Tri for Sale in Caribbean
April 11 2014 Lectronic
April 9
Rimas' 56-Day Crossing
Clippers Fleet Arrives; Congressional Cup Continues
Ad: Modern Sailing School
Strictly Sail Pacific Welcomes Youth
SoCal Ta-Ta Update
Pyrotechnics Demo & Training
April  9 2014 Lectronic
April 7
Rescued Infant Improves; Parents Defend Cruise
Another Measure of Megayacht Sailing Size
See Latitude 38 at Strictly Sail
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
It Was The Tiles, Not The Tax Man
April  7 2014 Lectronic
April 4
Sick Baby Awaits Mid-Ocean Airlift
Weekend Racing Preview
Ad: Celebrate Boating with OYC
Gay Sailor Sues AC 34 Management
A Reality TV Show Based On Cruising?
April  4 2014 Lectronic
April 2
Clipper Crew Rescued in Mid-Ocean
Simpson Dismasts as Tsunami Approaches
Latitude 38 Online or Offline
Nearing the End of the Impounding Fiasco?
April  2 2014 Lectronic

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