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April 29
Whale of a Time
Big Fun on Little Boats
Ad: Instructors for Club Nautique
Dinghies for Sale or Rent
The Latest in Latitude Fashion
April 29 2013 Lectronic
April 26
The Biggest Antigua Classic in Memory
Two Siblings Survive Long Swim
Ad: Niue Yacht Club
Strangers in the Night
Weekend Racing Preview
April 26 2013 Lectronic
April 24
Oracle Team USA Launches 2nd AC72
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Two Harbors Mooring Package
Competition Heating Up for TransPac
Yeah, But Will They Use It on the Bay?
April 24 2013 Lectronic
April 22
A Mid-Ocean Proposal
Oracle Team USA Wins AC World Series
Ad: You Can Make a Difference!
New Annual Fee for Documentation
Let's Get the Kids Sailing
April 22 2013 Lectronic
April 19
Nor'Sea 27s Are Big Fun
Tight Racing and a Collision at ACWS
Ad: Niue Yacht Club
Weekend Racing Preview
Fourth Annual Voiles de St. Barth
April 19 2013 Lectronic
April 17
Reading Latitude in Malta
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Peace of Mind Boating
Whatever Happened To . . . ?
Goin' to California...for the TransPac
April 17 2013 Lectronic
April 15
Youth Introduced to Sailing at SSP
Looking Back on Low Speed Chase Tragedy
Ad: Join the KKMI Team
Ronnie Simpson Speaks at SFYC
Fast Multis Coming to California
April 15 2013 Lectronic
April 12
It's All Happening at Strictly Sail Pacific
Homeward Bound
Ad: Special Price on 120W Panels
Weekend Racing Preview
First Solo Indian Circumnavigator
April 12 2013 Lectronic
April 10
A Quickie from the Voiles
Ad: Pacific Cup Seminar
Racing Round-Up
Learning the Multihull Ropes
April 10 2013 Lectronic
April 8
Delta Doo Dah DIY Registration Open
Beware of Whales in the Bay & Beyond
Ad: SOS Dan Buoy
Train with Team Artemis
A Bucket O' Caribbean Fun
April  8 2013 Lectronic
April 5
First Chinese Solo Circumnavigation
Eleven Days from Cabo
Ad: Two Harbors Mooring Package
Weekend Racing Preview
April  5 2013 Lectronic
April 3
The World's Greatest Sailing Spectacle
Flying Dragon Grounded at Paradise
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
A MOD 70 at the America's Cup
April  3 2013 Lectronic
April 1
"Heaps of Fun" in Majuro
The April Issue is No Joke
Blue Found at Fault, Camelot Exonerated
April  1 2013 Lectronic

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