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April 30
Search for Missing Sailor Suspended
Fromm Found; Investigation Panel TBA
Ad: Tidetech San Francisco
Different Kind of Drug Murder in Mexico
New Latitude and Ha-Ha Sign-up Tomorrow
April 30 2012 Lectronic
April 29
SPECIAL REPORT: Fatalities in Newport-Ensenada Race
April 29 2012 Lectronic
April 27
Sudden Microburst Rattles El Salvador Fleet
Has the Coast Guard Gone Overboard?
Racing Preview
Watch It! You Might Have Won
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
April 27 2012 Lectronic
April 26
SPECIAL REPORT: USCG Cancels Ocean Races
April 26 2012 Lectronic
April 25
Volvo Ocean Race Update
Waterfront History Comes Alive
Ad: West End Cruising Club
Paying for the Privilege to Anchor
April 25 2012 Lectronic
April 24
SPECIAL REPORT: Farallones Survivor's Full Account
April 24 2012 Lectronic
April 23
Bay Sailors Pay Tribute to the Lost
Sailors Rescue Capsized Kayaker
Ad: Open Doors at KKMI Sausalito
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
April 23 2012 Lectronic
April 20
"Thank You, Latitude!"
Weekend Racing Preview
Memorial Flotilla for Lost Sailors
Dying Fishermen Spotted from Cruise Ship
April 20 2012 Lectronic
April 18
Survivor's Reflection on Farallones Tragedy
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Plan Your Escape to the Virgin Islands
Rutherford Closes Loop
What is It with Cruise Ships and Lights?
April 18 2012 Lectronic
April 16
Search Suspended for Farallones Racers
Don Anderson Passes Away
Medical & Nutrition Seminar
Wounded Vet Sailing Clinic
April 16 2012 Lectronic
April 15
SPECIAL REPORT: Farallones Rescue Update
April 15 2012 Lectronic
April 14
SPECIAL EDITION: Tragedy at the Farallones
April 14 2012 Lectronic
April 13
Party Tonight at Strictly Sail
Weekend Sailing Preview
Ad: Open Sailing at Strictly Sail
Never a Dull Moment
April 13 2012 Lectronic
April 11
Cutting the Corner to Complete the Loop
Delta Doo Dah Entry List
Ad: New Harbor 30 Daysailer Plus
Vive Les Voiles
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
April 11 2012 Lectronic
April 9
Bon Voyage, Ka'iulani
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Quickline Ultra Anchor
It's Boat Show Week
Ad: Legacy (52-ft Kettenburg)
April  9 2012 Lectronic
April 6
Weekend (and Weekday) Racing
Socrates and Rutherford Updates
Strictly Sail Discounts
April Sailing Fools
April  6 2012 Lectronic
April 4
Tropical Photo Quiz
Cruiser/Pilot Missing in Palau
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Crealock 37
April  4 2012 Lectronic
April 2
Delta Doo Dah 'Fab 4' is Open!
Stricken Clipper Sailors Rescued
Ad: Half Off Haulouts at KKMI
'Rong Rambler In Last 'Lectronic
April  2 2012 Lectronic

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