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April 30
May Issue Released Today
Plastiki Reaches Christmas Island
Ad: Club Nautique Open House
Are You Going to Vallejo?
Ha-Ha Registration Opens Monday
April 30 2010 Lectronic
April 28
Ski/Sail Gets Banner Conditions
Bogus Claims by Boguslaw Bob
Ad: Modern Sailing Open House
Pier 1½ to Reopen Next Week
An Evening of Hope for Haiti
April 28 2010 Lectronic
April 26
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Abby Sunderland to Stop in Cape Town
Ad: Grand Opening
The Email Scam Using Norm Goldie's Name
Photo of the Day Revealed
April 26 2010 Lectronic
April 23
Photo of the Day Contest
This Weekend's Big Doin's
Ad: 'Get Her On Board'
Folkboat Available for Donation
The Word 'Love' Raised Big Suspicions
April 23 2010 Lectronic
April 21
Little Fawn Wrecked, Then Rescued
Clipper Racers Head For Panama
Ad: Modern Sailing Open House
Working Your Way Around
April 21 2010 Lectronic
April 19
Clipper Race Restarts Tomorrow
Boat Show Revelry
Ad: Summer Sailstice Special from Vessel Electric
Puddle Jumpers Reach Marquesas
Ha-Ha Committee Out of Hibernation
April 19 2010 Lectronic
April 16
Ha-Ha and Puddle Jump Reunion Tonight
Plans to Thwart Outboard Theft Ring
Ad: Discover a Sailor's Version of Paradise
'A' as in 'Ahhhhhhh'
April 16 2010 Lectronic
April 14
Every Sailor's Nightmare
Exhibitors Rev Up for Strictly Sail Pacific
Ad: Open Sailing USA
Kattywampus Lost on South Pacific Reef
Honking Onboard Internet Access
April 14 2010 Lectronic
April 12
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Long Overdue Yacht Columbia Arrives
Ad: Open Sailing USA
Guam in Danger of Tipping Over!
Last Chance to Win Gear
More Fun Racing in the Sea of Cortez
April 12 2010 Lectronic
April 9
Storm Wreaks Havoc in Vancouver
America's Cup Coming to Strictly Sail
Ad: Hiring at KKMI Sausalito
Race Talks Galore
Give us your Crew List tips and tales
April  9 2010 Lectronic
April 7
Sea of Cortez Sailing Week, Revived
Are You Ready for Strictly Sail Pacific?
Ad: NorthStar Risk Management
Race Notes
April  7 2010 Lectronic
April 5
Potter Yachters Strike Again
Injured Puddle Jumper Evacuated
Ad: Hiring at KKMI Sausalito and Pt. Richmond
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
April  5 2010 Lectronic
April 2
Notes from the Frozen North
Abby Sunderland Rounds Cape Horn
Ad: Protect Your Assets with Quickline
Next Two Clippers Reach the Bay
April eBook Now Available
April  2 2010 Lectronic

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