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April 30
Oh No, Not Again!
Shark Attack Kills S.F. Surfer in Mexico
Italian Crosses Atlantic Alone on 20-ft Beach Cat
Canadian Westabout Circumnavigator Aborts Attempt
April 30 2008 Lectronic
April 28
Tuna Takes the Singlehanded Farallones
Cruisers to the Rescue
BMW Oracle Makes Opening Day Appearance
Vallejo Race Fee Deadline Today
April 28 2008 Lectronic
April 25
The Multi-Taskable Steel Drum
Heading Up-Delta
North Sails Open House
Rick Carpenter's Status in Zihua is Just Fine
Thar They Blow
April 25 2008 Lectronic
April 23
Crashing the Party
More Pirate Attacks off Somalia
The Pardeys to Speak in Sausalito
Cosco Busan Pilot Indicted
Mariners Rescue Downed Aviator and His Plane
April 23 2008 Lectronic
April 21
Ha-Ha Reunion Party Recap
Weekend Racing Review
Ad: Position Open at Club Nautique
Yankee - Great Earthquake Survivor
Puddle Jumper Debrief
April 21 2008 Lectronic
April 18
Snickers Arrives in Hawaii
Morning Light Preview
Ad: Visit Svendsen's at Strictly Sail
Crackdown on Hawaii's Commercial Cats
Baja Ha-Ha Reunion Party
April 18 2008 Lectronic
April 16
Mystery Boat Aground in Baja
Strictly Sail Pacific Opens Today
Ad: Got a Saildrive?
First Two Clippers Reach Santa Cruz
Morning Light Previews Thursday Night
Crew Position on Profligate
April 16 2008 Lectronic
April 14
Smoke on the Water
Were Those Masked Men Actually Mexican Navy?
Ad: Sailing Sportboats / Open 5.70
Le Ponant Hostages Released
Readers Write on the State of the AC
Happy Birthday, Olin
April 14 2008 Lectronic
April 11
"Angels Don't Always Travel by Air"
Marina del Rey 16-Year-Old to Circumnavigate
Will It Turn into a Race?
2,965 Solo Miles in 20 Days for Moonduster
The Pardeys to Speak in Sausalito
April 11 2008 Lectronic
April 9
The Buzz on Killer Bees in the Tropics
BMW Oracle Confirms Multihull
Snickers Rescue is Imminent
Gitana 13 Within 100 Miles of Yokohama
Besame's Close Call
April  9 2008 Lectronic
April 7
The Revived Sea of Cortez Sailing Week
Zihua Pier Project Cancelled
Ad: The Happiest Haulout Ever
Transpac Adopts New Rating Limits
French Luxury Yacht Seized by Pirates
April  7 2008 Lectronic
April 4
Extreme 40 Rips Up the Bay
Gitana 13 Blasting Toward Yokohama
Crew List Party a Blast
Maltese Falcon for Sale
April  4 2008 Lectronic
April 2
La Paz is Still an Authentic City
More on the DH Farallones Rescue
Tomek 'Ties the Knot'
Skippers & Crew to Mingle Tomorrow at GGYC
April  2 2008 Lectronic

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