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Crew Available for Mexico

Modified On: 05/07/2018

Posted On: 05/07/2018
Personal Info:
Name LeeAnne Clark
Age 58
Other LeeAnne Clark
Gender(s) Female
Wants To Crew:

For the Baja Ha-Ha, San Diego-Cabo

Other: Want to crew for the Baja Ha-Ha 2018

Experience Is :

Moderate, some ocean cruising or racing

Extensive sailing

Other: 1 Baja Haha, 2 SoCal Tata, 1 Newport-Ensenada

Can Offer:

Skills of a normal hand: watch standing, reefing, changing sails

Cooking, provisioning or other food-related skills

Other: Exceptional cook, but want to do all crew duties

Local knowledge

I have cruised Mexico before

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