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2010 Calendar

Congratulations 2014 Season Winners

YRA Spring Series

PHRF 1: Mintaka 4, Farr 38, Gerry Brown, BYC
PHRF 2: Nancy, Wyliecat 30, Pat Broderick, SSS
Olson 25: American Standard, Robert Gunion, BYC
Santana 22: Oreo, Garth Copenhaver, SSS

YRA Summer Series

PHRF 1: Mintaka 4, Farr 38, Gerry Brown, BYC
PHRF 2: Shameless, Schumacher 30, George Ellison, BYC
Olson 25: American Standard, Robert Gunion, BYC
Santana 22: Oreo, Garth Copenhaver, SSS
Cal 20: Can O’Whoopass, Richard vonEhrenkrook, SFYC

OYRA Series

PHRO1: Elan, Express 37, Jack Peurach
PHRO2: Whirlwind, Wyliecat 30, Dan Benjamin, OYC
SHS 1: Racer X, J/105, Mary McGrath, EYC
SHS 2: Nancy, Wyliecat 30, Pat Broderick, SSS
Multihulls: Raven, Corsair F-27, Truls Myklebust, BAMA


Bear: Smokey, Stephen Robertson, StFYC
Bird: Oriole, Hugh Harris & Jock MacLean, SFYC
Folkboat: Polperro, Peter Jeal, BVBC
IOD: Fjaer, Richard & Mark Pearce, SFYC
Knarr: Flyer, Chris Kelly, RYC


Singlehanded Monohull: Elise, Express 27, Nathalie Criou, RYC
Singlehanded Multihull: Tri N Fly, F-27 trimaran, David Morris, HMBYC
Doublehanded Monohull: Arcadia, Mod. Santana 27, Gordie Nash/Ruth Suzuki, RYC
Doublehanded Multihull: Roshambo, Corsair 31R trimaran, Darren Doud/Chris Lewis, SSS

Small Boats

El Toro Seniors: Cygnus, Art Lange, RYC
El Toro Juniors: Josselyn Verutti, SCYC
Mercury: Fast Break, Randy Smith, SFYC
Vanguard 15: Al Sargent, StFYC
Laser: Seaweed Magnet, Emilio Castelli, SRSC
Laser Radial: Laird Henkel, No YC

And More

BAADS: Liberty/Hansa 12, Cristina Rupke, BAADS
BAMA Core: Ma's Rover, Corsair F-31, Mark Eastham, BAMA
BAMA Fast Cat: Shadow, ProSail 40, Peter Stoneberg, StFYC
Etchells: Imp, Dale Hoffman
Express 27: Wile E Coyote, Dan Pruzan, EYC
Express 37: Golden Moon, Kame Richards, EYC
J/105: Blackhawk, Ryan Simmons, SFYC
J/111: MadMen, Dorian McKelvy, StFYC
J/120: Chance, Barry Lewis, StFYC
Melges 20: Kuai, Daniel Thielman, CYC
Melges 24: Insolent Minx, Zhenya Kirueshkin-Stepanoff, SCYC
Moore 24: Paramour, Rowan & Vikki Fenell, RYC
Open 5.70: Frolic, Marc Finot, SeqYC

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