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2010 Calendar

Congratulations 2011 Season Winners


PC D (SF 30): Shameless, Custom Schumacher 30, George Ellison, BYC
PC G: Ahi, Santana 35, Andy Newell, BYC
PC K:Surprise, Islander Bahama, Frederick Kamp, OYC
HDA Sportboats: JetStream, JS9000, Dan Alvarez, SSS


Alerion Express 28: Ditzy, Ralf Morgan, RYC
Express 37: Golden Moon, Express 37, Bill Bridges & Kame Richards, EYC
Islander 36: Windwalker, Greg Gilliom & Richard Schoenhair, SSS
Santana 22: Santa Maria, Chris Giovacchini, CYC


OYRA PHRO1A: Criminal Mischief, Reichel Pugh 45, Chip Megeath, CYC
OYRA PHRO1A Daylight Series: Criminal Mischief, Reichel Pugh 45, Chip Megeath, CYC
OYRA PHRO1: Always Friday, Antrim 27, John Liebenberg, RYC
OYRA PHRO1 Daylight Series: Always Friday, Antrim 27, John Liebenberg, RYC
OYRA PHRO2: Can O’ Whoopass, Cal 20, Richard vonEhrenkrook, SFYC
OYRA PHRO2 Daylight Series: Split Water, Beneteau 10R, David Britt, RYC
OYRA PHRO3: Ahi, Santana 35, Andy Newell, BYC
OYRA PHRO3 Daylight Series: Maggie, C&C 37, Dave Douglas, BYC
OYRA SHS - Shorthanded: No Ka Oi, Gibsea 42, Phil Mummah, SSS
OYRA SHS Daylight Series: Culebra, Olson 34, Paul Nielsen, SSS


Bird: Robin, Cissy Kirrane, SYC
Folkboat: Windansea, David Wilson, BYC
IOD: La Paloma, James Hennefer, StFYC
Bear: Kodiak, Peter Miller, MMBA
Knarr: Lykken, Robert Fisher, SFYC


Singlehanded: Ragtime!, J/92, Bob Johnston, SSS
Doublehanded: Max, Ultimate 24, Bryan Wade, SSS

Small Boats

El Toro Seniors: Art Lange, RYC
El Toro Juniors: David Halman, RYC
Mercury: Randy Smith, SFYC
Vanguard 15: Ken Turnbull/Shannon Ryan, TISC

And More

BAMA: Origami, Corsair F-24, Ross Stein/Bill Pace, BAMA
Etchells: Magic, Hank Easom/Bill Barton/Laurence Pulgram, SFYC
Express 27: El Raton, Ray Lotto, StFYC
J/105: Blackhawk, Scooter Simmons, StFYC
J/120: Chance, Barry Lewis, StFYC
Melges 24: American Lady, Kristian Notto, Royal Norwegian YC
Moore 24: Eclipse, Bill Erkelens, Jr., RYC

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